Floral mixed media digital collage - Lynn Nafey in her studio


I see my images as a bridge, melding the seen and the unseen, where recognizable elements fuse with abstract layers of color, texture, and pattern. Each is the distillation of a moment imbued with its own distinct, yet complex mood. What begins as inspiration, inevitably gives way to the unanticipated. It is a mysterious alchemy that is exhilarating to witness.

Texture is integral to my art, having an expressive power that suggests the evidence of time’s passage. The layers of raw marks and errant bits, further conjure an atmosphere of fleeting motion - a hint of what existed only moments before.

Always on the hunt for unusual material combinations, I embrace both traditional hand techniques and contemporary digital processes. It is the challenge of their seamless integration and the lure of unprecedented possibility, to which I am irresistibly drawn.

I invite you to sink into the layers and textured surfaces of my images, distilling them through your own perceptions and memories, and finding what you will.


My work is the culmination of a multistage process that begins with the creation of a diverse assortment of ink wash drawings, monotypes, and textures. These elements are then combined using my own carefully honed digital process, in which I blend, color, and draw into the various layers. To bring my images back into the physical realm, I use an alternative printmaking technique which involves the transfer of archival pigment inks to fine art paper. This process results in unpredictable, yet welcome, variations and surface qualities.


A native of New Jersey, I received my formal art training at Boston University where I graduated in 1983 with a BFA in Sculpture, and was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacture, and Commerce.

Early on, I explored many creative avenues including mixed media sculpture, puppet-making, silk painting, caricatures, and illustration. I subsequently settled into a 20 year career crafting and selling my own line of painted-metal jewelry, which I sold through craft shows and galleries nationwide.

Following the pull of my creative spirit, I have since returned to my fine art roots. Nestled in my studio in Stow, Massachusetts, I welcome each day and the chance to explore the many ideas percolating within.