Detail of "Possession of Self" - Lynn Nafey in her studio


I am intrigued by what lies beyond the seemingly apparent, whether it be the flux of thoughts and emotions swimming inside us, or the external forces shaping us and everything around us. It is these intangible energies that I strive to make evident in my art.

In my recent work, I use translucent layers to explore what is embedded deep within. I push and pull elements back and forth in space, burying some beneath a haze and presenting others clearly front and center. I juxtapose raw primitive line, eclectic textures, splashes of color, and whimsical pattern -- all to more potently express what is felt, but not seen.

Each piece is like a riddle to be pondered as characters emerge, clues arise, and associations are made. These unfolding stories ultimately serve as a portal for the exploration of memory, perception, and identity.


Lynn Nafey’s artwork emerges from her diverse background in sculpture, puppet-making, surface design, and jewelry-making. Inspired by these experiences, she is always on the hunt for unusual material combinations and is especially passionate about integrating traditional hand techniques and contemporary digital processes.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lynn lives in Stow, Massachusetts. She received her formal art training at Boston University, graduating summa cum laude in 1983 with a BFA in Sculpture.

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Listen in to my Artist Talk with Gallery Twist owners, John and Gillian Ross, presented in conjunction with the exhibit, "A Room With A View" ( February 2021). This is an in-depth discussion of my process, materials, and inspiration, featuring both my mixed media work and pigment transfer prints.